Rainbow Spiral Vest!

Human with sunglasses and ponytail with a bright rainbow spiral and grey black circular vest

IT IS HERE. I had this idea in my head after making the Spiral wall hanging by Iris van Meer (Een Mooi Gebaar)! This pattern is very loosely written-- I did not count stitches for most of this past the first row of my "vest" creation-- just eyeballed it, and ripped back if it wasn't working. I will add pictures as requested if you need more guidance for any of my instructions!


Size: This is one size because I am not a proficient designer. However, I am happy to help you figure out how to modify this larger or smaller, depending on your needs! Mine is quite stretchy, and measures 10" from the top of each shoulder opening to the top of the other shoulder opening, 17" from the bottom of each arm opening to the other arm opening, 9" from the top to the bottom of each arm hole, and each arm hole opening is approximately 23" around. The vest measures approximately 32" in diameter from top to bottom when flat. 


Here's you will need to make your own!

2mm Hook for Spiral

2.75mm (C) Hook for Outer Vest

16 Minis/Scraps/Leftovers Fingering/Sock Weight for the Spiral (I used about 2-3g of each, so you do not need a lot for each color in the spiral) The seven colors of the rainbow are from my Rainbow Seven set, and any 8th color will do. White! Grey! Black! Try something outrageous!

16 Stitch Markers

Approximately 1.5 Skeins Fingering/Sock Weight yarn for the outside of the vest. I used a little over a skein of the dark grey, and each color of the outer edge rainbow I needed around 8-10 g. Feel free to mix up colors! It doesn't need to be a solid color, but you will need larger scraps for the outside rows.

Stitches Used:

SC: Single Crochet

Ch: Chain

HDC: Half Double Crochet

BPHDC: Back Post Half Double Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

TC: Triple Crochet

Cross TC: Crossed Triple Crochet


Now! Lets begin. 

The spiral uses the 2mm hook, and your 16 scrapy cakes!

Head over to find the free pattern at eenmooigebaar.nl (there is also a paid PDF version if you are able and want to contribute to the designer for this awesome pattern!) Is it weird and wonky at first? Yes! Is it easy? Also yes-- but be patient, and I highly recommend finding something to use as a lazy susan.

I used a large square of cardboard, and that way my cakes would sit on the outside and I could spin the whole project rather than trying to move all the 16 cakes every few stitches. I found early on I could do the 8 colors on my right hand side, spin, and then do the other 8.

Follow this pattern until Row 21, and close off each spiral until the last (I did not close off the last spiral spoke and used the black to continue on with my vest pattern-- if you are switching colors close the last spiral, as well, and join color to the last DC of that spiral). 

For reference through the pattern, here are the "spokes" labeled by number-- this was the clearest way for my brain to explain the placement of the arms.


Now for the vest! Switch to your 2.75 mm C hook. I reference "spokes" throughout the pattern, here is a photo with them labeled so you can refer back as I reference certain numbers.

(Each crocheted row throughout the pattern join to the beginning of row with a slip stitch)

Starting at the last spiral spoke (#16)-- this will be the location of the bottom of your vest and the beginning and end of each round-- chain 9*, SC the last dc stitch of the next spiral color (Spoke #1), *Ch 13 SC the last stitch of the next spiral color* between each of the remaining spokes, ending at the last spoke (#16) with a SC

Row 1: Ch 1, SC Each Chain and SC around 

Row 2: Ch 2, BPHDC around

Row 3: Ch 3, *DC Ch1 Skip 1* to middle spoke #4 (intended underarm placement) HDC1 *SC each st* to top of arm hole at spoke #6, HDC1, DC1, TC 9 (these should fall between spokes #6 and #7), DC 1, HDC 1 (should be at spoke # 7 now) SC to spoke #9, HDC1, DC1, TC 9 (these should fall between spokes #9 and #10), DC 1, HDC 1, SC each stitch to spoke #12, HDC1, Ch 1 skip 1 *DC Ch1 Skip 1* to end of row

Row 4: Ch 1, SC each ch space and dc to last ch space at spoke #4, Chain 55 and join to 5th TC at top right (between spokes #6 and #7), SC to 5th TC at top left (between spokes #9 and #10) Chain 55 and join to first chain space at spoke #12, SC each ch space and dc to end

Row 5: Ch5 *Skip 1, TC, Ch 2* to beginning of right arm chain, SC each chain (right arm), HDC top stitches to left arm chain, SC each chain (left arm) *Ch 2, Skip 1, TC* to end

Row 6: Ch 2, HDC to arm, SC stitches at arm holes, DC at top between arm holes, HDC to end

Row 7: Ch 3, Cross TC to arms, HDC on arm stitches, *Ch 1, Skip 1, TC* to top of left arm, HDC on arm stitches, Cross TC to beginning of round

Row 8: Ch 2, BPHDC around

Row 9: Ch 3, *Sk1 DC Ch1* around

Row 10: Ch 1, SC around.

Row 11: Ch 5 *TC Skip 1 Ch2*

Row 12: Ch 1, SC around (2 SC per chain space, 1 SC per TC)

Row 13: Ch 3 *Cross TC Around*

Row 14: Ch 2, BPHDC around

Row 15: Ch 1, SC (Red)

Row 16: Ch 1, SC (Orange)

Row 17: Ch 1, SC (Yellow)

Row 18: Ch 1, SC (Green)

Row 19: Ch 1, SC (Blue)

Row 20: Ch 1, SC (Indigo)

Row 21: Ch 1, SC (Violet)

Row 22: Ch 3, *Sk 1, DC, Ch 1* around

Row 23: Ch 1, *SC in chain space, ch 3*


Done! I pinned the spiral, sprayed the edges and stretched, patted, and pinned them to block, so the spiral in the center stays in place without getting stretched. The outer edges will be wavy until blocked, and then they will be nice and flowy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! And also, please show me your amazing creations. Share WIP photos! Finished photos! Color choices! Tag us #rainbowpeakyarns!



Rainbow Peak Yarns



*The original pattern is not in English, and I believe if you add an extra SC in the magic loop when you cast on the spiral with the first color it will make an even spiral rather than having the last spiral fall out of place (see the bottom of the spiral on my vest-- between the black #16 "spoke" and red #1 "spoke" there is a smaller space than the other spirals. I have made two and double checked, the pattern as written gives an uneven finish, but I have seen projects that have an equal amount of spaces between the "last" and "first" color.) If I misread this twice someone tell me what I did wrong! I will give instructions for mine with the smaller gap, if you have an even spiral Ch 13 between all 16 spirals in Row 1!